Support & Tips

Where to get help! Find a support program that works for you.

This site provides many resources for creating your quit plan and support programs through text messaging, smartphone apps, and social media.

Support Groups

There may be support groups in your area for people trying to quit. Call your local chapter of the American Lung Association, American Cancer Society, or American Heart Association for further information.

Nicotac Support and Tips

Quitting smoking, even when using a form of nicotine replacement therapy, like Nicotac nicotine gum can be hard.  Here are some tips and support resources on how to quit smoking while using Nicotac that can help make you more successful.

A happy smoke-free couple

Plan ahead:

  • Keep the phone numbers of supportive friends and family members handy
  • Keep a record of your quit smoking process and track the number of Nicotac nicotine gum pieces you use each day and whether you feel a craving for cigarettes. In the event that you slip, immediately stop smoking and resume your quit attempt with the Nicotac program.
  • Put together an Emergency Kit that includes items that will help take your mind off occasional urges to smoke. Include cinnamon gum or lemon drops to suck on, a relaxing CD, and something to keep your hands busy, like a pencil or a paperclip.
  • Set aside some small rewards, like a new magazine or a gift card from your favorite store which you'll "give" to yourself after passing difficult hurdles.

On your quit date:

  • Throw away all of your cigarettes, matches, lighters, ashtrays, etc.
  • Ask your family, friends, and coworkers to support you in your efforts to quit smoking
  • Identify your high risk situations and plan ahead how you will deal with them

Right after quitting:

  • Spend as much time as possible at places where smoking is not allowed
  • Try to avoid alcohol, coffee, and other beverages you associate with smoking
  • Remember that temporary urges to smoke will pass even if you don't smoke a cigarette